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Sutter River City Surgery Center of Sacramento is an affiliate of Surgical Care Affiliates (SCA), one of the largest providers of specialty surgical services in the country.

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Why Choose Sutter River City?

Sutter River City Surgery Center is a same day ambulatory surgery center.  Ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) have revolutionized the way that people meet their health care needs by emphasizing safety and quality in a comfortable and efficient setting.  ASC’s were developed to provide an effective quality alternative to hospital based surgery.

Over 70 percent of surgeries in the United States are in the outpatient setting, and one out of five of these are performed at an ASC.  As an ASC, we can provide high quality care at a lower cost. 

Sutter River City Surgery Center introduces Innovative Laparoscopic Surgical Procedure that Facilitates Gallbladder Removal through Single Incision

In keeping with’s tradition to continue to offer patients the latest advances in medical treatment and sustain its role in the region as a premier healthcare leader, is pleased to announce the successful completion of laparoscopic surgery through a single incision.

The SILS™ technique offers a feasible advanced surgical procedure. Dr. Rajagopal has successfully completed several of these procedures. With the SILS™ technique, says Dr. Rajagopal, the medical community has achieved another milestone.   “It’s exciting when we can offer patients a surgical experience that can minimize some of the discomfort traditionally associated with surgery.  In a nutshell, that’s what the SILS™ procedure is all about.”

In contrast to the multiple entry points – usually involving up to four ½-inch or smaller incisions – required by traditional laparoscopic techniques, the SILS™ procedure is achieved with one access point through the patient’s umbilicus, or belly button.  Because the incision is obscured, the potential for visible scarring may be reduced – a clear advantage over traditional laparoscopic cholecystectomies that can leave visible scars at sites of entry. This procedure is virtually a “scar less” procedure.

The single incision unique to the SILS™ surgery can result in other potential procedural benefits as well.  One small incision through the belly button reduces the potential for wound pain that may accompany additional sites of entry.

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CASE Anesthesia

Anesthesia services provided by Central Anesthesia Service Exchange Medical Group, Inc . (CASE).

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Surgical Care Affiliates (SCA)

SCA is committed to delivering quality surgical services to ensure an excellent patient experience and clinical outcome. SCA operates more than 130 ambulatory surgery centers and surgical hospitals with more than 2,000 physician partners.

SCA of Sacramento has partnered with Sutter Health and local physicians in three ambulatory surgery centers in the Sacramento area.

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